Don’t onboard - onbot

The clever way of onboarding

WHY bot?

Save time and money.
Considerably increase the onboarding experience.
oost your employer branding.

WHAT bot?

We turn your onboarding material into a virtual onboarding assistant. Through a chatbot interface, the new team members receive all the information they need to get started.

All the information you need – anywhere, anytime

And once they have taken the initial training with the bot, they can always come back to any topic whenever needed. Your new marketing intern forgot how the printer setup worked? No need for him to ask a colleague, the bot can show him everything he needs right on the screen. That saves time not only for the new employee but also for the rest of your team.

Connecting your employees

Your new Head of Sales needs help to get access to the right files. Our bot might not be able to answer every question but surely can direct her to Rachel from IT who can certainly help. Often, knowing who to contact can solve a problem much quicker.

Lifelong training

Onbot continues to help your employees even after the onboarding is completed. And it is always ready for more input. Do you have a new skill to teach your team? The bot is the perfect tool to distribute it to everyone. And every team member can take the training when it suits their time table.


✓ Natural language understanding

✓ Human handover

✓ Conversational bot

Multiple data integrations e.g.

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The clever way of onboarding